WW1 Trench Watch

By on 7-15-2016 in 298 Movement

WW1 Trench Watch

Stan Czubernat, author of “Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War” gave me his expert description of my trench watch.

1915 WWI Elgin Trench Watch, 10k YGF Keystone case, it is on the higher end of the quality scale due to it being a J.Boss 20 year case. (Cyclone was the lower end case)

Original factory crown, case hinge looks to be in great condition, bigger size 0s version, 7 jewels, grade 298 movement.

Enamel RED XII Roman numeral dial and those hands are 100% correct for that dial, second hand is the correct one too.

This dial came in two different styles, the thin font which is what you have here and the BOLD font Roman font that is twice and thick.

Also, the movement is gilded, with only 1000 being made in 1915.

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