American Made Lord Elgin 30 Jewel 760 Movement

By on 10-01-2013 in 760 Movement

American Made Lord Elgin 30 Jewel 760 Movement

I picked up a Lord Elgin with the American made 760 automatic movement with 30 jewels. It measures 32mm from 10 to 2. The watch itself is in great shape.  The pictures below seem to make it look like the dial and hands are dirty.  That is an artifact of the camera, as the hands and dial are very clean.

The movement beats at 18,0000 bph.

The watch runs and can be wound via the rotor, but as the Elgin Watch Blog notes, this particular model has issues, one of them being the manual winding mechanism.  The advice given is to just let the rotor do the winding.  See the article here.

Minus the winding issue, the crystal, the rolled gold, the hands, and the dial are in great shape.  As I said, for some reason the camera makes the hands, markers, and dial look dirty.

UPDATE:  Just got it back from the watchmaker.  The dial and hands were cleaned, the crystal polished, the case polished, the rear cover had its brushed finish restored, and the movement was repaired and serviced.

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