1955 Lord Elgin Rochester

By on 8-07-2019 in 680 Movement

1955 Lord Elgin Rochester

I finally was able to assemble the “bullseye” Rochester for various junk dials. The case was fine, but of the three dials, all were missing markers. I summoned the courage to remove the tiny hour markers and gently glue them into the best dial of the three that I had assembled.

I can happily say, I didn’t lose any of the hour markers and gluing them in place didn’t destroy the dial! : )

That being said, like my other Rochester, it uses case number 4824 and the case itself is 14k gold filled. The watch uses the 21 jewel, 680 movement, originally adjusted to 4 positions.

Overall I’m very happy as the dial turned out really nice. Short of a NOS dial, I think this is about as good as it gets.

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