Seiko “Fifty Fathoms” Dive Watch

By on 8-20-2018 in 7S36C Movement, Seiko

Seiko “Fifty Fathoms” Dive Watch

Officially, it is the Seiko SNZH53.  It is a really nice, inexpensive automatic watch that looks better, imho than dive watches 3 times more expensive.

On the low end side, the watch uses Seiko’s 7336C movement.  It is a non-hacking and non-winding movement with 23 jewels, and a date and day function.

On the other hand, it has looks beyond its $133 price.  It has a gorgeous and bright sunray dial, which sports a day/date window.  The lume shines brightly. The crystal is slightly domed.  It isn’t sapphire, but Seiko’s Hardex brand.

Additionally, unlike other low end diver’s which have a metal ring on the bezel, which is easily scratched, the bezel markers are covered with the hardex crystal.  So no only are the numbers much safer, it just plain looks like a very expensive watch.

The metal bracelet is nice and heavy, but I opted to replace it with a nice silicone, blue band to match the dial and bezel.

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