1946 Elgin De Luxe 5705

By on 8-27-2017 in 555 Movement

1946 Elgin De Luxe 5705

The movement dates to 1946 and the watch is featured in the 1942 catalogue.  This Elgin De Luxe is one of a stablemates of various color dials and cases.  I already have a 5705 that has a gold dial with a gold bezel.

This 5705 is white gold matched to a gray dial.  The dial is NOS, thanks to Michael, aka Diveboy and Elgindownunder.

The case is 10k white gold filled.  The 555 movement has 17 jewels.

While the catalogue crystal is flat, all the reference suggest the CMS 2260 glass crystal.  The 2260 has three tiers.  It fits perfectly.  While not original to the watch, it actually looks pretty good.  And, since I have it already, its going on the watch.

I put the watch on a Keleran flat alligator band.

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