1954 Elgin Edgewater

By on 4-23-2016 in 674 Movement

1954 Elgin Edgewater

Got this one in great condition.  Almost looks like it was worn a couple of times on Sunday and then put in a drawer and was forgotten for a generation.

It has a 10K white gold filled bezel and a stainless steel case back.

It uses the 674, 17 jewel movement.

It came with a JB Champion expansion band.  If not original, it is awfully close to the factory original.

It has the case number 6552.  Something unique about this model is the case.  The case back screws into the bezel and there are washers for the crystal and the case back to make it waterproof, which is how it was advertised.  Not sure if any other Elgin uses this type of case.

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