Elgin Niagara Variant

By on 1-15-2016 in PHOTOS, Swiss 643 Movement

Elgin Niagara Variant
  • I’ll be honest, I’ve been obsessed by this dial.  I find it to be one of the most interesting, if not most beautiful dials Elgin produced.  Everyone I’ve come across has either been dirty beyond cleaning or damaged, leaving me to wonder what it would have looked like new.

The other day, on eBay, I saw for sale, an aftermarket kit from the period that included a waterproof non-Elgin case and this dial, NOS!  And, when it arrived, the dial was near perfect and white.  My little obsession was almost sated. I also had a case, as seen the Elgin advertisement, which has a smooth bezel versus channeled one I had in my possession.

After a bit of trouble getting the second hand to pass over the minute hands and getting the second hand to fit under the crystal, I finally got it all together this afternoon.


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