Elgin ‘E’ Case 4640

By on 8-15-2015 in PHOTOS, Swiss 874 Movement

Elgin ‘E’ Case 4640

I usually don’t collect post-American made movement Elgins, but Diveboy, an Elgin enthusiast at Vintage Watch Forums has produced documentation that Elgin, was still in fact Elgin–Elgin National Industries–at this point.  So, while these watches come from the end of the era of Elgin, there still is some of the company’s founding soul in them.

I don’t have a name, but it is case 4640.  It is a 10k gold plated case, and it reminds of the Harland.

Overall, it is in pretty nice shape.  It came with a JB Champion band, that if not original, nicely matches the case.

The movement is an Adolf Schild 1526, with 17 jewels, rebranded as an Elgin 874.

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