Elgin 19, “Spencer”

By on 7-19-2015 in 671 Movement, PHOTOS

Elgin 19, “Spencer”

It is case number 5531, which according the 1954 catalogue is the Spencer.

I’ve had the watch and band for a while, but it originally came in a lot with a horrible dial and a non-working movement. In a more recent lot, I received two “less horrible” dials, once with another case (which is in so so shape) and a working 671 with another Elgin 19 dial.

What is interesting is the band/case symmetry. Without seeing any adds, I can’t be 100% sure, but I’m pretty certain this is the original Hadley bracelet that shipped with the watch. The band’s contours flow perfectly into that of the case, and in fact, the last links cover the lugs .

The band and case shined up nicely and there is not brassing on either. I salvaged the crystal from the other case and worked on it for almost an hour. It still isn’t perfect, but it has a neat magnification effect on the dial.

As I noted, the dial I used, is the least “bad” of the bunch. I think I’ll send one of the others off to ID at some point. It definitely is a cool little watch, even though it seemed to come from the low end of the Elgin stable.


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