Lord Elgin StarGlo

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Lord Elgin StarGlo

The Lord Elgin Starglo is 14K gold, case 4909.  It uses the 21 jewel 680 movement.  As you can see, the version of the 680 has a bit of decoration on it.  The dial has a 3D effect, as the star changes color and shape as you look from it at different angles.  I assume it is due to the metal dial having been etched in different directions.

The dedication on the watch says 1954 and I have an ad which places it in 1955.

As for its shape, the case looks great, with its only defect being the bottom right lug must be bent in 1/2 millimeter.  I don’t really see it, but when I tried to fit a metal bracelet on it, it slide right into the top lugs, but wouldn’t go between the bottom ones.  Instead I put it on a 17mm Hadley Roma band, which fits snugly on the bottom and has just the slightest gap at top.  My better angel put the kibosh on any thoughts of trying to bend the lug out a bit.  Leave it alone, leave it alone…. : )

The dial has some wear marks where it hits the case, but you can’t see that when the watch is assembled. Otherwise, the dirt that was on it wiped off nicely.

I included a few before and after shots.

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