1950’s Lord Elgin Eldorado

By on 11-29-2014 in 680 Movement, PHOTOS

1950’s Lord Elgin Eldorado

I cobbled together a decent incarnation of the Lord Elgin Eldorado.  I picked up a Black Night with a bad dial, but decent enough case (back to the case in a bit) and then I acquired an Eldorado with a great dial and working movement, but horrible case.

I buffed the better case out and it went from dull and dirty to very shiny.  I cleaned a bit of dirt from the dial and I have a decent example of an Eldorado.

Just a note on the Black Knight/Eldorado cases–they are one in the same.  I’ve had 5 come into my possession so far.  For some reason, the black dial of the Eldorado doesn’t interest me, so I have sold them.  Every case has had some brassing on the corner of the hidden lug housing.  The wear patterns on each example look almost similar, just different in terms of severity.  The case I used has the least wear of the five and with the new luster, the brassing can’t really be seen unless you examine the case up close.

The movement is the 21 jeweled 680.  The dial, as you can see from the ad below, is described as lemon and it came with a matching lizard band–which I’d like to find a similar replacement.

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