Elgin Dante, #6811 with Swiss 17 Jewel 645 Movement

By on 10-04-2014 in PHOTOS, Swiss 645 Movement

Elgin Dante, #6811 with Swiss 17 Jewel 645 Movement

Update:  Both the white dial and black dial variants are named Dante.  They are from 1954.  As you can see from later photos, I’ve acquired nicer dials for both.

I bought two Elgins with the 6811 case.  One has a black dial with silver hour markers (which the photos do not do justice to it) and one with was once a white dial with wave patterns.  The white dial has years of patina.

Both cases had faint outlines of brushed sides.  I took a fiber strand  pen and rejuvinated the brushed metal.  On the black dial watch, I ordered a new crystal and on the white dial watch, I buffed it and the chrome steel ring that was in it.  Unfortunately, the GS replacement crystal is slightly different and will not take the chrome ring on the black dial watch.  That is a shame, because the ring adds a bit of flash.

Additionally, on the white dial version, I relumed the hands and hour markers since they were really either dirty or the lume was gone.

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