Swiss Legend Ceramic Throttle

By on 10-05-2012 in PHOTOS, Swiss Legend

Swiss Legend Ceramic Throttle

The Swiss Legend Throttle features a Sapphire crystal and a Swiss ETA G10.211 movement.  This is the only ceramic watch I own….

My impressions are that despite more than likely being assembled in China, Swiss Legend does make a well made and sturdy, functional watch here.  So far the ceramic hasn’t scratched, but as to the claim that it is lighter, it feels just as heavy as every other watch I have.

Not being a domed crystal, its lack of anti-reflective material doesn’t really come into play and the watch face is clearly visible under all lighting.  Additionally, the hands glow brightly at first, but seem to fade rather quickly.  Too bad radium was bad for one’s health!

Also, just a quick defense of owning cheaper, but “nice watches.”   The great thing about Swiss Legend watches is that you get a great looking watch at a great prices, especially if  you buy during their TV specials via the web.  Unlike a thousand dollar watch, if scratch or break one of these, you aren’t out a fortune.

Finally, just one last thought.  Of my watches, my Swiss Legends and Invictas get more compliments  than my Accutrons or Orients.  Of course in my heart and mind, I know which is the superior watch, but sometimes a noticed watch opens a window to a conversation with someone new.


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