Elgin Square Case Bumper

By on 7-07-2014 in 607 Movement, PHOTOS

Elgin Square Case Bumper

This watch is from the early 1950s and was Elgin’s first attempt at an automatic watch.  From what I’ve read and been told, because of the war effort, Elgin was late to the automatic game.  By they time they produced this bumper (the rotor rotates about 2/3’s of the way, where it bounces off a set of springs on either side), other manufacturers were already producing the superior full rotor automatic.

That being said, this watch uses the 607, 18 jewel variation. The Elgin database says it was produced in 1951.  Forty one thousand total were made of this caliber.

It has a nice square 10k rolled gold case, with just a nick or two of brassing.

Overall, the watch is in very  nice shape, with just a few black marks on the dial.

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