Lord Elgin Futura

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Lord Elgin Futura

The Lord Elgin Futura is part of Elgin’s Horizon Look line of watches, where the crystal extends edge to edge.  In this case, the Futura has what is commonly referred to as a mystery dial.  Instead of an hour hand, a disk, with a notched hand, revolves, indicating the hour.

The watch is in very good shape, except that the Lord Elgin insignia is missing at 12 o’clock.  This seems to the norm on a lot of Futura’s that have been reconditioned or cleaned.  The disc itself has a bit of patina, but I can live with that.

Usually these watches fetch around $350 to $400, but I was lucky enough to snag it for $198.  Unfortunately when I got it, the movement had winding issues and I had to buy another movement for $30.

Happily the transplant went well and it has kept near perfect time for the last 12 hours (as close as I can tell with a seconds hand).

The case is 14k gold filled and the movement is the 730, which has 23 jewels and is adjusted to 6 positions.

Just one thing to note.  The original movement had a shorter minute hand that is a just tad short of the bezel.  The second movement came with a minute hand that reaches a bit past the edge of the bezel.

The shorter hand from the original movement does not fit on the post of the new movement.  If you do a Google search for Elgin Futura, you will see photos of both styles of hands.  Maybe Elgin switched styles at some point.

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