Lord Elgin 760 Auto with 9817 Case

By on 6-10-2014 in 760 Movement, PHOTOS

Lord Elgin 760 Auto with 9817 Case

I originally won this watch on eBay for $35.  The pictures were blurry and sometimes you get a really nice watch on the cheap as bidders are scared by the lousy photography.  Unfortunately, I drew the short end of the straw.  The gold filling was worn through almost everywhere and the case had been cut, I guess, in an attempt to pop open the obviously screw off case back.  The dial and movement at least were fine.  Additionally the crystal was cracked.

Fortunately I found a proper and good looking case that came with a dial and crystal for $27.  I swapped out the movement, did some cleaning and buffing and now I have a very nice looking Lord Elgin.

The dial that came with the bad case was the better of the two, so I stuck with it.  The old lume on the hands and the hour dots looked very yellow (and just in case it was radium, I was careful), so I took some time and relumed it.  So far, like most 760 automatics, it is keeping near perfect time.

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