Bulova 23 Jewel 1957 (Sold)

By on 6-08-2014 in Bulova, PHOTOS

Bulova 23 Jewel 1957 (Sold)

My latest watch is a 1957 (date code L7) Bulova with a 23 jewel movement.  On the rotor is says it is adjusted to six positions, including heat, cold, isochronism, and 3 positions.

I had to look up isochronism and I found this: “The aim of this adjustment is to make the watch’s rate immune to amplitude of the balance wheel’s swing.”

Also, the rotor has USA on it and from what I’ve read, it is one of several Swiss designed or inspired automatics manufactured here.

The dial is a white sunburst and the case is 10K gold filled.

Overall, the watch is in very good shape, with just a bit of wear through on two lugs.

With a little buffing, the crystal is nice and clear and shows off the beautiful dial and shiny numerals.

Even the bracelet that came with it is in good shape.  Most eBay bracelets I get are junk, but this will stay.

Three things stand out to me about this watch.  The movement was made in the US by Bulova (though I guess their is debate with it was American designed or just a Swiss movement made here), the lugs are very cool, and the white sunburst dial is just plain beautiful.



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