Lord Elgin-Diamond Dial-730 Movement

By on 4-09-2014 in 730 Movement, PHOTOS

Lord Elgin-Diamond Dial-730 Movement

Just picked up this Lord Elgin…

I’ve looked through the ads available to me and there is a similar design, called the Crestwood (if memory serves), but it had a slightly different style and the gold/white gold case was a different design as well.  I thought maybe it was a Franken watch, but I’ve seen other models like this on eBay as well.  I’ll update the post when I find out more about it.

The Ranfft database says this is a 730 movement, with 6 adjustments.  Additionally, the watch runs at 18,000 bhp while having a power reserve of 41 hours.  It was produced 1958-1963. It measures 32mm from 10 to 4.

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