Benrus 1950’s Calendar Watch

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Benrus 1950’s Calendar Watch

I picked this Benrus 1950’s Calendar watch off eBay and just unwrapped it today.  It is in such great condition, I just can’t believe it.  The case, dial, hands, crown, caseback and crystal are in near mint condition.

Was this refurbished at some point?  I’m not sure, as everything seems to be factory correct.  If it was, their intent was to restore it to factory specifications.  Or, I was really lucky and landed one that sat in a drawer for the last 40 years!

Here’s a couple of examples you can compare mine to.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 7.24.44 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 7.25.14 PM

The watch uses a Swiss made 17 jewel, model CE 13 mechanical movement.  I’ve read, but I’m not for sure, that is based off the ETA 900. (Update:  Sure enough, the CE 13 is based on the ETA 900).

From bezel to bezel, it measure 30mm.  The day and date are advanced by moving the hands past midnight.

The watch was sent with what at first I thought was a cheap metal band, but upon inspection, it was a Foster bracelet, circa 1950/1960 with 10k gold filled links.  It looks like new and from a reputable eBay seller, a NOS version would run you at least $75 or more.  Even at that, at some point I’m going to put a brown alligator strap on it and find a watch that goes better with the Foster bracelet.

The watch case itself is 10k rolled gold with a stainless steel back.

Here she is:

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