Lord Elgin with 654, 23 Jewel Swiss Movement

By on 12-28-2013 in PHOTOS, Swiss 654 Movement

Lord Elgin with 654, 23 Jewel Swiss Movement

Not really sure of the name of this Lord Elgin or even if it fits in the Horizon Look line.  It does have a crystal which blends into the bezel, though.

The movement is labeled 654, Swiss, with 23 jewels.  It is an automatic.

The watch is in excellent condition, with only a slight nick in the crystal at 6 o’clock.

The watch runs, but winding seems stiff and it will head off to the watchmaker at some near point in time.

The case is 10k gold filled and measures 32mm across.

And, I’ll have to thank the seller as this is the first time I’ve ever received a nice leather band with a purchase.  The photos of the movement and inner case I snagged from the eBay auction as I wasn’t able to pop the back off.


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