Benrus Wristalarm #3 Late 1940’s

By on 10-11-2013 in Benrus, PHOTOS

Benrus Wristalarm #3 Late 1940’s

I’m not sure of the date on this one and I will add it when I dig it up.  From what I can gather, this watch model from Benrus dates from the later 1940’s.  The Schild movement which powers this was used from the 40’s through the 60’s.  The model is the DS 15 movement,  made by Adolf Schild.  This movement has a 12 second alarm, a 46 hour power reserve, and beat at 18,000 bph.

The watch measure 32 mm across. Compared to the other two Benrus wristalarms I own, this one is definitely louder.

I had to send this off to the watch maker, who fixed the crown and stem which operated the alarm.  In addition to that, he serviced and time it.  In the photos below, you see that it loses less than a minute a week.


Here’s a video of the alarm.

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